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How to Apply Best Practices for Office Hoteling in Your Company

In recent years, hybrid workplaces—which incorporate certain work practices like office hoteling and hot-desking—have grown in popularity. Nonetheless, it appears that the best practices for office hoteling are talked...


Five Ways to Pack Lightly and Look Good at the Same Time

It is difficult enough to travel, what with the trouble of flying, jet lag, and carrying your bags, without having to worry about appearing...


From the Pug’s Eye: What Happened to Your Lost Bag?

Hello there, kind people and other dogs alike! It is the Pug, your best four-legged buddy, back to yap about something interesting today. Have...


Bordeaux’s Top Walking Tours

Bordeaux is a breathtakingly gorgeous city and a wine lover's paradise. Since my initial visit there in 2010, I have been an enormous fan....